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CDRWIN utorrent

Category: CD/DVD Software . CDRWIN is a simple and reliable application that will allow you to create and burn CDs and DVDs. Free Download CDRWIN Torrent. Description; Comments (0); Files (0) . CDRWIN can be used to burn data to CDs/DVDs.1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to a corrugated card-like article having at least one layer of heat-insulating material and at least one layer of heat-radiating material, said layers having interwoven and superimposed metal filaments. 2. Description of the Prior Art It is known to provide, for example, a credit card with a layer of heat-insulating material in order to protect the card against excessive rise in temperature in a closed, hot, room. In accordance with one known method of producing such a card the core of the card is impregnated with a thermosetting resin, followed by application of a foil of a polymerized polyester resin. The resulting structure is then coated with a film of polyvinyl acetate and, in the final step, corrugated so as to obtain the desired card-like appearance. The main disadvantage of such a card lies in the fact that it is made entirely of heat-insulating material. As a result, the card is suitable only for a very specific purpose, namely, to protect the individual holding it against excessive rise in temperature. Thus, it is unable to dissipate a great deal of heat, e.g., from the body of the user to the environment. It is further known to corrugate paper or plastic material by the use of a thickened thermoplastic or thermosetting material, for example, by the use of a liquid, powdery or granular substance of a suitable size and shape. In this connection, reference is made to the German printed patent application No. 21 53 485, which proposes corrugating the heat-insulating material of the inside of a so-called plastic wall insulator by the application of heat-insulating layers of a suitable size and shape, between which the heat-radiating material is situated. These layers are made by melting plastic by the use of a mandrel in order to obtain the desired shape of the corrugated paper material and to give the heat-insulating material the desired shape and thickness. The known apparatus for corrugating heat-insulating

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CDRWIN Utorrent deveern

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